About Us

At Just Rentals, we focus 100% on Property Management.  and that’s a strong motivating.

Property Management is all we do. We understand property management better than many others because all our efforts are applied to doing every facet of management well, so that the overall result for you is the best it can be.

We always strive to maximize your financial security through our expert industry knowledge.

We achieve this by taking a personalized and proactive approach in managing your investment. From selecting the most suitable tenant, to making sure the tenancy is stress free for all parties – “happy tenant translates to a happy landlord”. Our clients choose to do business with us because they know us and more importantly they trust us. We take the time to listen to them and understand their point of view. We go above and beyond to personalize our service because it is our point of difference.

Our loyal & passionate team are dedicated to you and your property.

We believe that our high-quality service is driven by a commitment to being the “best we can be”. Keeping our promises and acting with integrity are obligations we hold steadfast for our staff.

The delivery of this promise and your loyalty results in our shared success.              


Culture Map

Our Purpose - Passion, Pride & Professionalism


Our Values

  1. Respect

For ourselves & others, legislation & compliance and the real estate profession.

  1. Integrity

Uncompromised morals & ethics and commitment to being the best we can be.

  1. Improvement

Self discipline, learning professionally & personally, courage and getting out of your comfort zone


Our Culture

  1. Teamwork

Shared purpose, be respectful & considerate and supportive of each other

  1. Communication

Effective interaction,  listen, understand and then respond appropriately

  1. Kaizen

Continuous improvement, do what ne3eds to be done and have an unbeatable spirit