The Leasing Process

Our leasing department is completely focused on finding you the best available tenant in the shortest possible time frame. We do not hand out keys to properties, we contact all online & phone enquiries and talk to all prospective tenants regarding their requirements before accompanying them to your property so we can personally sell them the benefits of your investment home.

Extensive screening checks are conducted on all prospective tenants and completed within 24/48 hours of the application being received. Tenancy, employment, education and personal references are provided by the applicant and are thoroughly checked during the leasing process. The information is then verified by Australia’s largest tenancy database company (TICA), which specialises in providing information regarding the Applicant’s rental history. We will then proceed with the leasing arrangements after consultation and approval is obtained by you as the owner.

The steps we take to secure your tenant as are as follows:

Stage 1. Tenant inspects and applies for the rental home

Stage 2. Just Rentals begins the application process by confirming current & previous rental & employment history & references, personal & professional referees & putting them through the national tenancy database

Stage 3. Just Rentals presents application to landlord for consideration

Stage 4. Tenant is notified of successful application

Stage 5. Tenant is asked to confirm date of entry and pay 1st month’s rent to secure the home

Stage 6. Appointment is scheduled with prospective tenant(s) in office to initial all conditions of the Residential Tenancy Agreement and sign, 2 copies of the Condition Report,

sign Bond Lodgement Form, provided with Tenancy information and 2 sets of keys to the property

Stage 7. Tenant(s) move into the property, maintenance issues are addressed and Condition Report handed back to Just Rentals within 10 working days of entry.

Stage 8. Copy of signed agreement sent to landlord

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